Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah and more...

I know it's cliche, but I can't believe my Leah is one! I swear I just had her! She is a sweet, easy-going baby, that always makes me smile! Her best "buddy" is Allie who she follows around all day, except at nap time and dinner time when she finds me! When Allie sleeps she scoots down the hall to Allie's door and sticks her little fingers under- until Allie laughs and comes to play! She too loves the bath and bath time is usually around a half hour, only because I want them out. 
For her birthday...
We had all been sick with colds and mine had even turned to Bronchitis, so the party planning had to all be done that day including the gifts from family since they had sent money and gift cards for me to get her a present! That night we had Leah's fav. food and cupcakes with family. She loved opening her present and especially loved the new toy she got. We even let her stay up for awhile since she was having so much fun playing with it!

Special skills: her unique scoot, high fives, repeating letter sounds
Says: mama dada hi 
Development: starting to pull up on things.  She has 5 1/2 teeth and curly hair growing in. 
Favorite food: spaghetti and go-gurt
 past time: pulling things out of any bag, baths,  and being with mom or Allie, reading books
 toy: my phone , balls, and baby's, books, and play kitchen

Ask me if I care?
Ask me If I care that my three and one yr. old are splashing water all over the kitchen and themselves! No! Look how happy they are! Just prior they had both been whining and driving me crazy! Water is a blessing!

Allie is pretty famous in the ward for her singing and dancing skills! We had a family baptism where she enthusiastically sang "I am a Child of God" and everyone commented afterwards!
Tonight we are singing at the Clark house here in town for some volunteer work. Allie has done so well at the practices and sings so cute! I hope she develops a true talent for it!

She just got a haircut- which i have mixed feelings about since I love long hair! It doesn't get tangled now and it is growing on me! Pictures to follow! Allie has been helping a lot lately and even gets upset if I end up doing something that she was trying to help with! I love that girl!

Pictures: A friend in the ward wanted to practice her sweet photography skills on Leah, and so I got to have some adorable pictures taken.


uniquelynat said...

WOW! 1 year already! it can't be. crazy! happy birthday to your sweet baby.

Amber Lynn said...

Whoa! One already?! Man, I wish we all lived closer together. I miss you guys. Are you going to be at Jaron's Wedding? I sure hope so!

Reid and Brittney said...

Happy late birthday Leah!! Already one and I have not even met her yet. She is adorable!! I miss you a ton!!

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